I believe that each individual has a direct connection with their own power to heal, however many need assistance to remember that this is the case. Within the field of Energy Medicine and Mind-Body Therapies, I have worked intensively with several modalities that I tailor to the unique and changing needs of the client. The goal of each session is to translate and interpret the messages of the body and the world around us to facilitate the process of growth, healing, and transformation. I focus on the integration of the body, mind, and spirit as each is equally essential and inextricably linked to each other.  It is only by acknowledging the issues that arise within all of these areas that we are able to truly shift and heal. When working with clients, my approach is nurturing and relaxed, wise and illuminating, the effects of which have been profoundly transformational. I have had a private therapeutic practice since 2001 and have been speaking locally and nationally on Wellness and Spirituality since 2004. I have studied with many experts including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Alberto Villoldo, Debbie Ford, Caroline Myss, and more.
I was first introduced to yoga in 1996 while studying Philosophy at Duquesne University. Since then I have found healing in the physical practice, the philosophies, and the spiritual practice of yoga.  In 2009 I became a certified Yoga Alliance instructor in the Kripalu/Amrit lineage and has studied with Yogi Amrit Desai, Max Strom, Dana Trixie Flynn, Chrissy Carter, Doug Keller, and more. Combining physical asana, breathwork, meditation, and yogic philosophy, my classes are a ceremony for the body incorporate gentle guidance, joyfulness, and a call to return to the deep sacred oneness within.

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