Boundaries Series: For Healers and Empaths

Thursdays // 7-9pm // New Orleans
July 12th: Ground & Open // July 19th: Clear & Protect

It’s time to learn a new way of communicating…with yourself and with others.

This is especially true if….

• you feel easily overwhelmed, anxious, distracted, nervous, depressed or fatigued

• If you work with others in a service or healing role

• if you have relationships that feel stressful or draining

• or if you know that you are empathic or highly sensitive in general

I’m teaching a BOUNDARIES SERIES to help you learn how to interpret these interactions, ground yourself, and create the safe boundaries that are needed.

Space is limited and you must pre-register by July 11th!

It will be held in a private studio in Mid-City.

Register HERE with a note that includes your full name and dates you want to attend.

$25 per class // $45 for both

Feel free to contact me with any questions.