Guided Meditations

Activated Healing: Guided Meditations to Balance the Chakras and Connect to your Flow

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The meditations on this album are designed to be used as tools to activate your healing process. They will help you find balance in the subtle energy body, via the Chakra system. You will be guided to clear away obstacles to your growth and healing, opening you to even greater levels of flow and light. Each meditation is infused with transmissions of powerful healing energies that you will receive as you are guided on these healing journeys. This means that each time you listen to a meditation you are also receiving an energy healing supportive to your specific needs and process.

Chakra Balancing: Bring light and awareness into the energy body via the Chakra System and restore each chakra to its perfect and unique balance. Each chakra is a wheel of light that carries information about significant issues and themes in our lives. By clearing the blockages in each of the chakras and their corresponding issues, regular use of this healing journey will bring profound shifts in all aspects of your life.

Connecting to Flow: Tap in to the flowing currents of Divine Consciousness as you embark upon this powerful healing journey. Learn to trust, surrender, and remember the truth of who you are. Open yourself to the abundant flow of the universe and play within that light. This journey will help you move into the next level of your growth and expansion. You can work with these energies when you are feeling stuck, disconnected, or notice resistance to taking the next step on your path.

How to Use this CD:

You can follow these healing journeys as many times as you need to find balance and healing. Feel free to explore the many combinations and possibilities to find the one that is right for you. It is recommended that you begin with the Chakra Balancing meditation and if you are comfortable bringing in these levels of light, move on to the Connecting to Flow meditation. While both can be used individually they can, at times, be used together as a collective journey. Bear in mind that these journeys will bring in great amounts of shift and light. If you begin to feel ungrounded or anxious then it is alright to take a step back as your energy body continues to adjust. If you are seeking a transformation in your life use the Chakra Balancing meditation every day for a month. When you are ready to incorporate Connecting to Flow, use this meditation every day for 7-14 days. These are general guidelines and you may need to adjust more or less time depending on your unique situation.

The music has been specifically composed for this album and is tuned to the A432, which is in alignment with the naturally occurring frequencies of the universe. This ensures a more present and healing experience felt on deeper levels of the body and within the heart.

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