Reiki Events

Distance Attunements and Training available by appointment

Reiki Attunements Levels One & Two

Friday October 12th 2018 :: 7-9pm (Level One)
Saturday October 13th 2018 :: 12-6 (Level One)
Sunday October 14th 2018 :: 12-6 (Level Two)
PITTSBURGH :: at a private studio

Reiki is a powerful yet peaceful healing energy that is accessible to anyone. Becoming attuned is a process that clears away old physical, mental, and emotional patterns and allows you to tap into the Reiki energy at any point. It’s like taking a quantum leap forward as you jump-start your energy system and literally “attune” yourself to a clearer and higher vibration. You can do self-healing treatments for yourself, work on friends, family, plants, animals, and more. In addition, becoming attuned means that you will become a certified Reiki Practitioner and able to see clients professionally if you wish. Or add it to your already existing practice to deepen your skills and expand your practice. Reiki Attunements are a spiritual and energetic clearing that can benefit, quite literally, every aspect of your life…

· Are you wanting to deepen your spiritual path? Do you wish to grow within your meditation or intuitive practice?

· Are you seeking more healing in your life? Wanting to clear away old patterns that are holding you back? Are you looking for a more direct way to balance your own energy field?

· Do you feel stuck but know that you are ready to make the transition? Do you feel like you are in transition but aren’t sure how to break through?

· Do you or does someone you know struggle with a chronic physical condition or disease?

· Do you or does someone you know struggle with anxiety, depression, chronic stress or other mental health issues?

· Are you wanting to find a way to assist others professionally or do you already work with clients in the healing arts?

· Do you love animals? Do you work or volunteer with animals in stressful situations or environments?

· Are you an artist seeking to grow creatively? Are seeking a way to more creatively express your authentic self?

Listen to what calls you. Come into a greater sense of purpose as you expand your consciousness and move toward deeper levels of healing for yourself, and for those around you.

Pre-registration required.  Please contact me directly via phone or email.

412.720.3565 //

Friday/Saturday :: Level One :: $200
Sunday :: Level Two :: $200
Both days $375

A deposit of $75 per day is required to reserve your space by October 8th. Feel free to contact me with any questions! You can send the deposit or full amount to

Reiki Master Training

October 15th // Pittsburgh

This final attunement is for those who are Reiki Level Two Practitioners with an active personal or professional practice, and feel a vocation to heal and possibly teach. Becoming a Reiki Master is a decision worth considering as it is a commitment to personal growth at the deepest levels, and often results in profound life changes. Reiki begins to interact with all parts of your life and the deeper your practice, the more intense your experiences will be. Immense growth and evolution upon your spiritual path is possible.  However, always remember that becoming a Reiki Master does not erase all of our faults nor does it mean that we will stop being challenged.  The Reiki Master Attunement is an initiation, a choice that marks the next phase of your path in Reiki and in life, and it is only the beginning.  Choosing to become a Reiki Master means embarking upon a personal journey that leads you to true mastery of your own healing and your own life, as well as being a compassionate guide to others.

The Reiki Master and Master Teacher Attunement takes place over two one-day workshops.  Beyond the workshop, life-long mentoring is available as needed. There are two parts to Reiki Master Training, and not all students pursue both parts of the training. Please reach out if you are interested as these groups are small and often form as the students come forward.

Reiki Master Attunement  – This is the final level of training in the traditional Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing and the student receives the title of Reiki Master (RM). The focus of this one-day class day is the Master Attunement, which allows you to channel an amount of Reiki energy that is exponentially greater than Levels One and Two. You are trained in the use of Master level energy, the Master Symbol, and ongoing responsibility for personal and spiritual development.  At the end of this class, the student is no longer a student of the teacher, but rather a peer.

Reiki Master Teacher Training  – Those who feel a calling to teach Reiki to others continue on to the second part of training, in which the student receives the title of Reiki Master Teacher (RMT). The focus of this one-day class is learning and practicing how to give Reiki attunements, successfully initiating students to become Reiki healers. You also learn how to teach Reiki, the spiritual and business responsibilities of being a Reiki Master Teacher,  and ongoing maintenance and responsibility for personal and spiritual development.

Fees include the one-day workshop, class manual, invitations to Reiki Gatherings, reduced rates for all Reiki Workshops,  and life-long mentoring. It is possible to pay in installments with an initial deposit of $100 to reserve your space.

Monday :: October 15th :: 12-6pm :: Reiki Master Training :: $350
Tuesday :: October 16th :: 10am-2pm :: Reiki Master Teacher Training :: $500

Pre-registration required.  Please contact me directly via phone or email. You can send the deposit or full amount to

412.720.3565 //

Advanced Reiki Healing Techniques

To Be Announced 

Learn more about Reiki, it’s origins, and advanced healing techniques that will help you expand your skills and magnify your Reiki channel. This course will expand upon the teachings typically found in the Level I and II Attunements and will hold true to the original intentions and intuitive wisdom of Dr, Mikao Usui. We will learn and practice additional healing techniques and exercises that can be used with clients and also to help develop your Reiki abilities. We will explore additional Reiki symbols and Reiki mudras, designed to create subtle yet powerful shifts in the flow of energy.

This workshop is appropriate for any Level II or Master Level Practitioner. This workshop is not an attunement process but a workshop intended to teach additional techniques and share more of the vast amount of ancient Reiki wisdom that can’t always be conveyed during the Attunement workshops.

6 Hour Workshop $200

$75 deposit required to hold your space.