Classic and Mystical Healing Arts

Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Priestess


energy medicine + mind/body therapies +  spiritual counseling

intuitive readings + channeled readings + space clearing

reiki + bodywork + yoga + meditation + chakra therapy

tarot + rituals + ceremony + flower essences + gem elixirs  

public speaking + retreats + workshops + virtual sessions + online programs


I am here to assist you on your path to self-realization by utilizing a variety of modalities and tools within the fields of spiritual intuitive counseling, mind/body therapies, and energy medicine.  In order to bring about lasting change we need to look at ourselves from all angles. This is the key to releasing core issues, shifting into greater healing, and creating deeper and longer lasting change.

Sessions are generally a combination of these healing tools, tailored to the changing needs of each client….

Spiritual Intuitive Counseling involves an investigation into the core issues and soul patterns that are creating your current circumstances. It is a combination of getting a basic personal history, talking through the issue, and illuminating the core themes, beliefs and patterns that create the central issues through psychic guidance and spiritual teachings.  Messages from the body, relationships, and events are discussed and translated with intuitive guidance.  Sessions may involve chakra therapy, tarot, work with past lives, inner child issues, and more. You will leave with a new perspective on particular blockages, and ways to move forward with clarity, vision, and connection to your higher purpose.

Energy Medicine incorporates various methods of working with our energetic anatomy and the Subtle Energy Body. When we are working at this level, we are able to create change in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.  Energy medicine is a profoundly effective way to address the needs of our entire being, because our essence is purely energy….we are going to the source.  Creating balance and shift in the overall energy field will create balance and shift in all areas of our life.  The methods may include Reiki, Light Body Flow, Magnified Healing, chakra and meridian balancing, crystal healing, flower essences, shamanic ritual, and guided meditations.

Mind/Body Therapies are based in an understanding that the body is an extension of our mind and emotions.  These aspects of ourselves are not just connected they are the same.  Pain, chronic disease, injuries and conditions all have messages that we can translate.  So working from the physical level we have another way to access the whole of ourselves, all of the mental and emotional baggage and traumas that have accumulated in the tissues and cells. I use a variety of methods to address the physical body, during both in-person and virtual sessions, such as yoga, myofascial therapy, acupressure,  massage techniques, neuromuscular therapy, and thai yoga massage.

Sacred Body Yoga is the approach I offer in my public yoga classes and workshops. The yoga I lead people through is a ceremony for the body. I view teaching is a sacred act. I believe that yoga is a place to connect to your divinity and remember your deep connection to All That Is. We move through the practice unlocking the emotions stored in the body, dropping into mindful awareness, and then shift into the integration of mind, body and spirit. Each practice is an exploration of the physical body and how it relates to the subtle energy body…the chakras, the meridians, the energy field, the koshas, the way prana flows, echoes and vibrates in every cell of the body and beyond.


Contact me to schedule a FREE 30 minute consult to see if we are a good match.


Coaching sessions are $144 for 60 minutes

Packages of four sessions to be used weekly or bi-weekly are $500

The packages are an ideal way to move through transition and the healing of core issues in a committed, supported, and invested way to create deep and lasting benefits. I typically suggest a 3-6  month commitment in order to acheive goals with either weekly or bi-weekly appointments.
* Package rates are valid when the sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly and cancelled sessions are rescheduled within the package time frame.
* If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged the full price of the session.