Wild Woman Retreat

Activating the Sacred Feminine

June 8-11th, 2018 :: 4 days & 3 nights :: New Orleans, LA

A Women’s Retreat to activate the Sacred Feminine and heal through the wisdom and sisterhood of Goddesses. 

These are not ordinary times.  This is not an ordinary journey. This is the part where you take that leap forward towards the part of you that yearns for Sister, for Mother, for Queen, for Goddess.  She is being summoned, and now is the time for her to rise within you. This women’s retreat has been created to activate the Sacred Feminine and to heal through the wisdom, revelry, and sisterhood of Goddesses.  We have been called into the process of rewilding, returning to the roots of the Mother, and the fire of the Solar Feminine. Now more than ever, our voices must be untamed, free and empowered. Come for your personal healing, come because you work towards the healing of all women, come because you are ready to embody and anchor the next level of Sister, Mother, Queen, and Goddess for the healing of yourself and all those that need to see that light shining again in the world.

This will be a unique retreat because of the location in the magical and mystical city of New Orleans. We have the opportunity to experience and balance the best of both worlds…reflection and revelry.  So in addition to the deeply healing inner work typical of my retreats, we will also be out in the world celebrating and soaking up the unique and magical healing that only New Orleans can provide.  Many people speak about this city as though she is her own entity…she has a spirit, a soul and a mystical healing quality that is uniquely hers.  We are going to provide you with insider access to the best parts of what it means to be here in this sacred city. I’ve planned a unique balance between organized group activities that are both inwardly and externally focused. There will also be free time to stroll about town on your own.


A private and intimate contemporary boutique hotel, the building is a Quonset Hut which is semicircular in shape and has been appropriately named The Moon.  There are 6 bedrooms available, each with one Queen size bed, a private full bath, and internet TV.  We will be able to gather in a covered courtyard, and guests can relax in the living room or kitchen. The space is welcoming, modern, and clean, with state of the art fixtures and appliances.


We will be staying in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, close to many unique neighborhood attractions, one block from the Mississippi River, and an easy 20 minute walk along the river or quick 4 minute Lyft ride to the French Quarter. We are just a block away from many local’s favorite place to relax, The Country Club, where you can enjoy a salt-water pool, hot tub, sauna, and a delicious menu of fine cuisine.

SPECIAL BONUS :: Goddess Activation Healing Attunements

Included with the retreat is a sacred healing attunement. I am including this feature within the retreat as it is specifically designed to activate the Sacred Solar Feminine, heal ancestral patterns and core wounds through DNA repair at the cellular level, and anchor in the Divine Feminine for collective healing. It is similar to a Shaktiput, or Reiki healing at the attunement level, in that it is capable of taking your energy system to the next level as a result of restructuring of the energy matrix that anchors you to the Divine Feminine. These previously have been reserved for special moments during a client’s individual healing path and I have been offering them for over a decade in workshops and healing circles across the country.

SPECIAL BONUS :: Krewe of Goddesses

Krewe of Goddess is a Mardi Gras krewe, or social club, that celebrates the beauty of strong and creative women. When a member heard about this retreat, they immediately extended an invitation to participate in the Pride parade here in NOLA, a large-scale parade through the French Quarter and an evening of revelry, music, and celebration of the sisterhood.  The Krewe’s theme for this parade is “We have WON when we are ONE.”  This is a huge event in New Orleans and it is one of the best examples of how to celebrate life, community, and traditions of this city.  This is available as an option for you, it is not mandatory, however we included it because of the unique timing of the event, and the fact that this type of revelry is exactly what rewilding a goddess and embodying authentic living can look like. The freedom to express yourself in a positive and joyful way is truly the key to living a fully activated life! You can choose to watch the parade from a convenient French Quarter location or jump right into this exclusive invitation to “roll” with the Goddesses.  Either way, this is a unique opportunity that is exclusive to this retreat and cannot be recreated.  If you have never experienced the magic of a New Orleans parade or second-line…it is something that words cannot convey…trust that it is an experience that cannot be missed!

What to expect:

  • Multiple group sessions to address the healing, creativity, and magic needed at the level of the Sacred Feminine
  • Morning Yoga on the Mississippi Riverfront
  • Full Moon Medicine Circle on the Mississippi Riverfront
  • In-house meals prepared by renowned New Orleans chef who has been featured on the culinary shows Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen.
  • Live Jazz Brunch at a local Zagat rated restaurant in a historic location that supports Creative Arts programming.
  • Evening poolside meet and greet which includes a hot tub, sauna, and champagne toast.

Bonus Features:

  • Goddess Activation Healing Attunement
  • Invitation to walk with the Krewe of Goddesses during NOLA’s Pride parade
  • Access to private Facebook group to prepare for the event with recommended readings announcements, and tribe building.


*Registration for this event will be opened closer to the event in 2018*